Who We Are

At the KTOB Dinner in April 2017

At the KTOB Dinner in April 2017

Jim Shircliff

Jim is a lifelong Louisvillian who has had an interest in enterprise his entire life.  From small laundromat businesses to thoroughbred racehorses to pickle dip, Jim has dabbled in a lot of side businesses!  When the opportunity came up to work with friend Bill Doolittle on a book about his favorite topic (The Derby!), he jumped at the chance.  Jim signed his daughter, Cathy, onto day-to-day project management and Shircliff Publishing was born.

Jim graduated from Flaget High School and the University of Louisville.  With a long career in investments, he has worked in Manhattan and Germantown, Tennessee as well as Louisville.  

Jim is not a fan of social media, but appears regularly on his wife and daughters' accounts.  

Cathy Shircliff

Cathy caught the entrepreneurship bug from her father and at a young age would force her sister into joining her on many of these early projects.  For a few years, Cathy worked in the nonprofit sector, using her enterprise skills in development.  She entered the world of small business in 2010, first with a jewelry store then a women's boutique.  By 2014, Cathy had grown weary of the retail world and happily accepted her dad's offer of taking on Shircliff Publishing.  

Cathy graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business from Georgetown University in 2007.  In 2010, she graduated from the University of Louisville with a Masters of Public Administration.

Cathy's latest side project is herself - a blog called Dog Lady Horse Crazy.  You can follow her on instagram @dogladyhorsecrazy